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Toyotas not being targeted by Licensing Authority

Toyotas not being targeted by Licensing Authority


The Barbados Licensing Authority is not subjecting owners of Toyota cars in Barbados to any unusually “thorough interrogation” or investigation that is not standard for all applicants registering any kind of vehicle.

This has been confirmed by a senior officer of the Barbados Licensing Authority, who though preferring not to reveal their identity, said that everyone who goes to the Licensing Authority on legitimate business is subjected to the same level of scrutiny, in ensuring the legality of all vehicles on Barbados’ roads. The officer added no meetings had been held with the Chief Licencing officer pertaining to special scrutiny for Toyotas or any other vehicle. The comments from the senior Licensing Authority official follow the recent publication of a front page article in a local newspaper, which asserted that due to reported thefts of Toyota vehicles, owners could “expect nothing less than a thorough interrogation” when seeking to register or license a Toyota car with the Barbados Licensing Authority.

All vehicles coming to the Barbados Licensing Authority to be registered have to be weighed; and once you present a vehicle to be weighed, the officer will check for identification including engine and chassis numbers, and details regarding history of ownership. If the vehicle is new, it will have no history until it is registered; and if it is a used vehicle being transferred to a new owner, we check the information presented to ascertain that the person selling has agreed to do so. If there are any discrepancies with the identification numbers, or with information pertaining to ownership, we ask persons to furnish us with additional information to see where those discrepancies are, and that is standard procedure,” the licensing officer stated.

Managing Director of NASSCO Limited, Roger Hill also commenting, noted that Toyota was the most popular vehicle for Barbadian motorists, and also echoed sentiments from Minister of Transport and Works, Michael Lashley, stressing that Government needed to move quickly to put a new, more robust Road Traffic Act in place. “I am in full agreement with the Minister that our laws need to be modernised to keep up with the strategies of people who try to profit illegally from the vehicle trade,” Hill stated.


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