Brake Pads

Perhaps the most important safety feature of any car is the brakes

It is imperative to keep your car's brakes in top condition. At the centre of a car's stopping power are the actual brake pads which grip the wheel to slow it down. These are also the brake parts that require regular replacement because every single time you stop - you use them. Toyota Genuine Brake Pads are designed as a perfect fit for each model Toyota, helping to ensure balanced braking and durability in the widest range of conditions - and that means excellent stopping power when you need it most.

The safe choice when your life may depend on it

Needless to say, your car's ability to stop quickly and safely is crucial to accident prevention. Along with quality tyres, braking system and suspension, brake pads play a major role in the active safety features of your car. Brake pads work by pressing in and gripping both sides of the brake disc to slow the wheels. Quite simply, the ability to stop effectively lies principally on the performance ability of the brake pads. However, for such a vitally important part of your car's safety system, there are very big differences in the quality of brake pads.

The Toyota Genuine Brake Pad differences

There are three main features which determine the quality of Brake Pads.

Brake Pad Lining

Toyota Genuine Brake Pads are specifically designed for Toyotas, ensuring balanced, stable braking in the widest range of temperatures and driving conditions. They are also very durable, and constructed without the use of asbestos for a safer environment as well as safer driving.

Anti-Squeal Shim

Toyota Genuine Brake Pads feature a precision anti-squeal shim which prevents the high-frequency vibration which causes brake noise. Non-genuine pads may omit this feature, and the result is annoyingly squeaky brakes.

Genuine Fit

Strict quality control is employed in every stage of Toyota Genuine Brake Pad manufacture. They are meticulously checked for accuracy of clearance between brake pad and caliper for smooth, safe, stopping. Non-genuine pads can be designed as 'one size fits all', and that philosophy can be hazardous for such a vital car part.

When to replace your brake pads

Toyota Genuine Brake Pads are designed to perform efficiently for the total time between recommended services. However, should the brakes begin squeaking or juddering, then have them inspected for wear immediately. If you have NASSCO Limited service your car, then the brakes pads will always be inspected according to the servicing schedule.