Toyota Genuine Parts - Clutches

The clutch provides a smooth transfer of power from the engine to the transmission to propel your vehicle. In manual transmissions, the clutch engages and disengages each gear as you change up and down or into reverse.

This constant use when driving means clutches are prone to wear, and eventually need replacement. But before replacing your clutch, check the difference between genuine and non-genuine models. For example, Toyota Genuine Clutches feature rubber torsion springs which reduce vibration significantly more than traditional springs. The Toyota Genuine Clutch Disc also features superior shock absorption for easy half-clutch gear engagement... and easier driving.

The clutches of the future

The vital link delivering engine power to the transmission.

The role of the clutch is to effortlessly and smoothly transfer the power from the engine to propel the vehicle. It really is the vital link between the power source (engine) and the power distribution (transmission, differential, axles and wheels). In fact, a great deal of a car's performance depends on the abilities of the clutch including:

  • The ability to cut engine power quickly for safe driving
  • Smooth, quiet transfer of engine power to transmission
  • Quickly radiate frictional heating
  • Inertia movement of the clutch must be minimal after disengagement
  • It must make full use of the engine's power

Toyota has everything you want in a clutch

Toyota Genuine has a comprehensive range of clutch kits for just about every Toyota model in existence. These are complete kits which include everything to rebuild a clutch - saving the repairer time and effort of sourcing individual components. And because Toyota Genuine Clutch Kits are engineered to original manufacturing standards, they fit perfectly - first time, every time. This can save substantial costs simply by reducing the 'finicky' nature of some after-market clutch fitting.

Superior Toyota Genuine technology guarantees superior performance

While there may be cheaper clutch kits on the market, many lack the technology and engineering investment of Toyota Genuine. For example, Toyota Genuine Clutches feature torsion rubber springs rather than traditional coil springs. These superior springs provide precisely balanced and quiet rotation at high speeds - thus reducing vibration significantly. The Toyota Genuine Clutch Disc also provides easy half-clutch gear engagement because of its superior shock absorption characteristics. High slipping and high temperature resistance is achieved by using the finest quality materials on the disc facing. This ability to withstand temperature change also reduces wear-out.

Tell tale signs of a worn clutch

  • Poor acceleration
  • Increase in fuel consumption

Speed doesn't pick up quickly compared to amount of acceleration Poor power when climbing hills