Oil Filters

Toyota Genuine Parts - Oil Filters

The Oil Filter is a low cost part that needs regular replacement. Essentially its role is as the name suggests - to filter and remove dirt particles from the oil as it flows through the engine. Even the tiniest foreign matter can create excess friction and potentially cause engine damage.

Only Toyota Genuine Oil Filters feature a dual-textured element to capture the most minute particles for efficient lubrication and long life engine performance.

Keep your lubrication flowing smoothly

A car's engine is made up of hundreds of precision moving parts - many of them operating at thousands of movements per minute. While the quality of the oil is vital to the performance of an engine, the quality of the Oil Filter is also crucial to the smooth operation and longevity of the engine. It is the role of the Oil Filter to remove dirt particles from the oil to prevent excess friction and potential engine damage. However, for such an important protective part, there are very big differences in the quality of Oil Filters.

The Toyota Genuine Oil Filter

There are three main features which determine the quality of an Oil Filter.

The Element

A Toyota Genuine Oil Filter features a dual-textured element - coarse on the outside, fine on the inside. This combination filters particles effectively and resists clogging. Non-genuine brands can be thin and finely meshed, making them prone to tearing and clogging, and will need replacement more often.

Sealing Capability

A Toyota Genuine Oil Filter uses durable, heat-resistant, non-stick acrylic rubber gaskets. Non-genuine filter gaskets without these features can be prone to rapid deterioration and damaging leaks.


A Toyota Genuine Oil Filter features two valves - a Bypass Valve which allows vital oil to still flow in the event of a clogged filter, and an anti drain-back valve which prevents oil draining out of the engine and into the oil pan. This valve helps protect your engine from increased wear during cold starts.

Diesel Engine Oil Filter

The Toyota Genuine Diesel Oil Filter is designed to filter carbon as well as other contaminants. Non-genuine oil filters may fail to filter carbon, causing dirty oil, black smoke emissions, increased fuel consumption and engine wear. That's why you must always insist on Toyota Genuine.