Nassco Limited: Corolla Hybrid - Fully Loaded

The First Ever Corolla Hybrid 2020

The Standard that is not Standard. A Sedan that has evolved over the years with the fundamentals of automobile perfected. The first ever Corolla is now in town with an all-new sleek design and sharp technology.

Designed to live a hybrid lifestyle

Lower, wider and more aggressive, the Corolla's all new design speaks for itself. With new 16" alloy wheels and sleek lines to its profile, you will see a magnificent difference at first glance.


Two power sources for a new hybrid power ride

Seamlessly combining the engine and electric motor to leverage their respective strengths. The hybrid power mode is built to increase throttle response and is built on the safest power-train. The Hybrid powertrain integrates a high-rpm motor that delivers high output from a small lightweight footprint so you can enjoy smooth, powerful acceleration and remarkable fuel efficiency.


The choice is yours.

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