The information below will provide you with useful information about Nassco Limited. If you require additional information, please feel free to contact us.

Parts Department Opening Hours:

Mon - Sat 8:00AM - 4:30PM

Sales Department Opening Hours:

Mon - Sat 8:00AM - 4:30PM

Service Department Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri 7:00AM - 4:30PM

Saturday 7:30AM - 4:30PM

Customers wishing to take advantage of our early check-in for the Service Department or the Bodyshop can bring their vehicles from 7:00AM. If you would like to utilize our Shuttle Service, the shuttle generally leaves at 7:45AM.

On Saturdays the vehicle check-in begins at 7:30AM.

Q: Road Worthy Inspections

If you would like a Road Worthy Inspection, this is performed by the Service Department between the hours of 10:00AM and 3:00PM from Monday to Saturday. The cost for this inspection is BDS $76.38.

Q: Auto-Body Repair Estimates

Auto-Body Repair estimates for vehicles that were involved in an accident are performed at the Service Department between the hours of 8:00AM and 4:00PM Monday to Friday. The cost for an estimate is BDS $176.25, however if the vehicle is repaired by NASSCO Limited, this cost will be reimbursed to the customer.

Q: Service Reception Opening Hours

Mon - Sat 8:00AM - 4:30PM

When you bring your car to NASSCO Limited for its periodic maintenance service, please follow the following instructions to ensure the best experience possible.

Q: Arrival at NASSCO Limited

  • Enter Driveway from River Road and keep in the left lane up the driveway.
  • If there is a lineup of vehicles, please join the queue and remain in your vehicle and move up with the queue until one of our Service staff assists you.
  • If there is no lineup, Turn left at the top of the driveway and enter the Service Reception Area.

Q: Inspection

  • Please follow the instructions of our Service Personnel, and ensure that your vehicle is inspected by one of our Vehicle Inspection Technicians.
  • It is essential for all customers of our Service Department to sign our Vehicle Inspection Form. Without this signature, NASSCO Limited cannot be held liable for any damages reported when the vehicle is delivered.

Q: Check-In

  • As one of our Service Advisors assists you, please provide as much information as possible about what you would like to be performed on your vehicle. For example, if you are experiencing an unpleasant noise coming from your vehicle, please try to identify when it is happening (what conditions) and where the problem may be coming from (is it the right front wheel?). Please also provide any other information about when the problem started and whether there was an incident such as an impact with a pothole that may have caused the problem.
  • If your vehicle has a problem with a noise, brakes, steering or any other problem that can be diagnosed when driving, you will be asked to perform a road test with one of our Service Personnel in an attempt to diagnose the problem properly. If you require this road test, please call our Service Department at least one week before your scheduled service. This will allow us to arrange a time convenient for both parties and permit us to diagnose the problem in your presence.
  • Once the vehicle has been booked, we will present you with a job sheet with the work to be performed outlined. Once this job sheet is signed, your vehicle will be taken into our Workshop, and you may leave at your leisure.

Q: Afternoon Pick-up Procedure

  • NASSCO Limited provides a shuttle service for customers of the Service Department with a drop-off service island wide. Customers who require this service should note that there is limited space, and this space is allocated on a first come, first serve basis. This shuttle is also offered in a limited capacity for afternoon pickup, so be sure to ask your Service Advisor about this service.

Q: Service Shuttle

  • Customers must arrive before 5:00 PM to collect vehicle.
  • Upon your arrival, please proceed to the Service Reception Office where one of our friendly staff will prepare your bill.
  • If you would like a detailed explanation of your bill, please ask your Service Advisor upon arrival.
  • When your bill is settled, you may return to the Service Advisor's desk and present your receipt to collect your vehicle.

When entering the driveway of NASSCO Limited, proceed to the top of the driveway and make a left into the Service Department. One of our helpful Service Advisors will be happy to prepare a Road Worthy Certificate for you.

Road Worthy inspections are performed by the Service Department between the hours of 10:00AM to 3:00PM. This inspection costs BDS $76.38.

Valuations are performed by a new vehicle Sales Executive at the entrance to the New Vehicle Showroom. The Showroom is located immediately on your right when you enter the driveway to NASSCO Limited. If there are no vehicles in front of the Showroom entrance, you may park your vehicle in front of the glass door to the left of the entrance. Once you have parked, enter the Showroom and inform the receptionist that you would like a valuation.

Valuations are performed on Monday to Friday between the hours of 8:00AM to 3:30PM.

The fees for a Valuation are as follows:

Vehicle was purchased from NASSCO Limited: $50.00 BDS

Vehicle was not purchased from NASSCO Limited: $100.00 BDS

Body Repair Estimates are performed by a member of the Bodyshop Department, however the estimate is performed in the Service Reception Area. Simply follow the driveway to the top, make a left turn and enter the Service Reception Area in the left lane. Upon your arrival, ask one of the Service Advisors to contact a member of the Bodyshop department to have an estimate performed.

If you would like to contact a member of the Bodyshop Department please see the below information:

Ricardo Alleyne Bodyshop Supervisor 227-6058 ralleyne@nassco.com.bb
Keith Weekes Bodyshop Assistant 227-6089 kweekes@nassco.com.bb
Gregg Reid Bodyshop Assistant 227-6059 greid@nassco.com.bb
Mark Roach Bodyshop Manager 227-6057 markroach@nassco.com.bb

Toyota Genuine Parts are designed and engineered to original manufacturer's specifications for maximum performance, longevity and fit to ensure they are genuinely better for your Toyota. Toyota Genuine Parts are also model specific, so you can rest assured your vehicle isn't being fitted with 'one size fits all' parts, as is the case with some non-genuine parts.

Your Toyota is only as good as its parts. Make sure you insist on Genuine. It's the best way to keep your Toyota all Toyota.

Please navigate through the links below for more information on Toyota Genuine Parts.

In an attempt to pass savings on to our customers, the Management of NASSCO Limited has decided to only provide Labour Charges. Since parts prices change depending on the cost associated with each shipment, the Service Department at NASSCO Limited charges the customer the exact cost of the part instead of simply using a higher fixed price that will accomodate for the fluctuation in parts prices.

Your Toyota is only as good as its parts. Make sure you insist on Genuine. It's the best way to keep your Toyota all Toyota.

Please navigate through the links below for more information on Toyota Genuine Parts.Although this method does not allow us to provide an exact service cost for each vehicle, the exact cost of the part is passed on to the customer instead of a fixed inflated cost.

The cost of a service can change depending on the prices of parts, along with what parts are required to be changed on your vehicle. For example, if at your last service your brake pads and fuel filter did not need changing, your service cost would be much lower than the next service when these items would need to be replaced.

This is one of the great myths of modern motoring. Your Toyota Service Centre provides excellent price competitive servicing and when you take into account the benefits of having Toyota Trained Technicians using warranted Toyota Genuine Parts, there really is no comparison.

Regular scheduled servicing is vital to maintain the performance of your car. You should always follow the recommended service intervals as outlined in your vehicle Owners Manual, including any additional service requirements that your vehicle may need. Your Toyota warranty does not cover damage caused by inadequate maintenance.

Gasoline Engine Service Schedule

Generally speaking for Gasoline vehicles, a Full Service should be performed every 10,000 Kilometers. This will ensure that all areas of the vehicle are checked and any worn or damaged parts can be replaced before something happens. This preventative maintenance will ensure that your Toyota vehicle operates in good working condition for many years to come.

Diesel Engine Service Schedule

For Diesel vehicles, a Full Service should be performed every 10,000 Kilometers, with a Lube Service performed every 5,000 Kilometers. Since the quality of the Diesel fuel supplied locally is not on par with the recommended standards for the Diesel Vehicles sold by NASSCO Limited the oil tends to break down much faster in these vehicles. To accomodate for this, the Lube Service ensures that your engine will always be operating under the best possible conditions.

If you’ve had your Toyota serviced by your Toyota Service Centre for the length of its warranty you’ll no doubt find that’s in excellent condition. So why would you risk going elsewhere now? After all, only your Toyota Service Centre has the facilities and the qualified Technicians to keep your vehicle genuinely better.

Here are a few signs that indicate your battery may need checking for prolonging the life of your battery:

  • If your car is slow to start or you hear a strange noise coming from the engine your battery may have a problem.
  • If your car has been inactive for a prolonged time your battery will slowly discharge.
  • Leaving your headlights or interior lights on when the engine isn't running will discharge your battery.
  • It's always best to have your battery checked prior to a long trip or during periods of severe hot temperatures.
  • Short trips that constantly require the engine to be shut down and restarted will drain your battery without allowing the vehicle sufficient time to recharge the battery.

NASSCO Limited carries a full range of batteries to fit your Toyota vehicle. Don't wait until it's too late; Stop by today and have one fitted!

Toyota Genuine Parts are made to specifically fit Toyota Vehicles. Although you may be able to buy a non-genuine part from various suppliers island-wide without vehicle information, these parts may be made to fit a range of vehicles instead of specifically fitting your vehicle.

When purchasing Toyota Genuine Parts from NASSCO Limited, the Toyota EPC (Electronic Parts Catalog) will inform the Parts Sales Clerk the exact part to fit your vehicle. Without the Chassis and Model number, it is difficult to tell whether the part sold will fit your vehicle.

A common example is the Corolla. Although you may know that you your vehicle is a 2002 Toyota Corolla with an NZE engine, various parts differ from one vehicle to another, especially if it is a Japanese Domestic Model vehicle, which is not designed for the Barbados Market.

Vehicles imported from the Japanese Domestic Market are not designed for the Barbados market, and as such only a few models carry the same parts as the vehicles sold and maintained by NASSCO Limited.

The Japanese Domestic Market vehicles often have many differences to the vehicles sold by NASSCO Limited, and although we try to carry a large stock for the most common vehicles, we concentrate on stocking parts for vehicles that NASSCO Limited has sold.